Wednesday, May 08, 2013

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Image Resizing in PHP

Image is the main part of any product or service. In PHP, many developers has created the script that cut/crop the image into desired size in height and width. But in different project or Website Development process, developer has to setup the size and width according to design.

Another main issue is as per the design of the site, for single image, developer has to create different height and width image which is stored into specific folder with different name. So from personal point of view it is miss-use of space or better to say its time consuming process. Generally we have to create 2-3 images for single product to show in different pages.

Another issue comes with gallery. Most of the gallery scripts uploads the main picture and crop into different sizes and stores multiple images on the server without caring space on the server.

This all is simply west of time and space on server. This can be also a problem while deleting the record from the database and images as per the record. With database, we have to create 2-3 fields for the single record to store different image name as per the size like thum_1, thum_2 and main_image. This is clearly non-engineering of the database design.

I have best better way.

Lets simply upload original image and crop the image into desired size at RUN TIME or ON THE FLY.

This will solve your all the problems. Simply need one field into database to store the image name. While deleting - need to delete only one image.


Wednesday, June 02, 2010

PHP CMS Zend Framework

We have created a new website PHP CMS developed in Zend Framework. PHP CMS is unique and very helpful for creating CMS based website in few minutes. Its core framework is supported by Zend Framework.

CMS Features:
  • Zend Framework based PHP CMS
  • MVC - Model View and Controller Structed CMS
  • N - Level of CMS Pages
  • 100% SEO Friendly
  • Create Your Own URL
  • Banner Management
  • Testimonials
  • News
  • Latest News
  • W3C Standard CSS and HTML
  • Easy to Change the Design
  • Powerful Admin Panel to Manage PHP CMS

Friday, December 11, 2009

Mukesh Variya - Official Personal Website

I have just created my personal website:
Here I have shared my company services for website development and designing. You can contact me for your website related work:
  • Website Development
  • Ecommerce Solution
  • Customized Application Development
  • CMS - Content Management System
  • Readymade Solution
  • Health care Industry Solutions
  • Real Estate Application Development
  • Search Engine Optimization and many other services

Friday, March 14, 2008

2 PR Blog Link Exchange

I have 2 PR of my blog.

I have offer for link exchange with other web sites or blog and article.

Please, contact me on below mentioned gmail address to exchange the link.

Link Exchange with 2 PR Blog

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Offshore web developer india

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Progress with skill set

As I am working with Information Technology since long time, I have updated my self with some technologies.
I got opportunity to work with Multinational company and I got good response from company. I got my self designated as System Analsys in the company. My job is to understand the requirement and devide it into modules. According to created module I have to find out the tasks, time estimation and develop some graphics presentation like wire frame, dataflow diagram. I have to also design the basic database and relationship to put the project in execution.

For technical point of view, I update my self for some below points:
  • Development with OOPS
  • Understanding of Project Requirement
  • Analysis the project and divide into modules for developer
  • Time Estimation
  • Recently I experienced with Zend Framework Development. I found its superb and 100% oops based faster web application development in PHP.
Zend Framework is powerful tool for php based web application development. I had done cms development, shopping cart and other application development and customization. It is totally object oriented framework for business logic, layout/template and provides standard coding style to promote small to bigger business application.

For any requirement of project is not just to become a developer and code in better way, it is essential to optimize the project so client or better to say end user who visits your site can understand and utilize the functionality developed for the projects and customer.

As the world is moving ahead, I have updated my self for iPhone and Andorid Mobile Application Development.

Please let me know your detail for projects, I will be back with your project understanding.

Monday, July 16, 2007


I am working on current company, we got some events and party from our company.

First I got the event when I had delivered the project before time line. I and my team with designer team, got the party in hotel for lunch. We all with our MD and PL team had gone for lunch. We also got the bonus for this.

Second event we got the t-shirts from the company. Its very nice and cool looking.

Third event was annual function from company in superb hotel for dinner.
We got the opportunity to make relation with night shift. The party was having with traditional dance from rajasthan people. It was really beautiful party and dinner togather.

Offshore web developer india

Friday, June 22, 2007

Customize Sofware Development

Customize software development requires dedicated attention for client. It requires depth understanding of what client is thinking and how he wants the product built in.

I worked on lots of projects which is mostly built with customize software development. One of product is AJAX Shopping cart. When user adds products in shopping cart it displays shopping cart information as per client requirement. So once no of products are added in cart, user can easily update the cart without bothering the reload of page using AJAX technology. We are given textbox with filled quantity and checkbox for selection of products. We are also given remove and update buttons. Once user select any product and press remove button it will remove product from cart without refreshing whole page. Same as we did for updating of quantity.

First time when I interact with this concept I don’t know how to solve this issue, but, later on, I aware with AJAX and find out the solution for above query.

Offshore web developer india

My job profile includes one more experience with me is system analyst. As analyst I analyze the project requirement and divide the requirement in different modules.

Each module is related other module and generate functional output. I work as bridge and clear the picture for execution department and client. Each module is having functionality to perform the output and requires time to develop the application. According to my past experience and discussion with other team member, we ask the query for certain understanding that what actually client wants. We send the query to client and according to answer, we create the structure of application. This process lasts until the whole process is not clear. At the end of all discussion and document, we estimate the modules in hours and calculate the costing for the project application.

We also suggests the available module and open source benefits to client. For scratch project, we develop the prototype, wire framing and data flow diagram. This makes client visual understanding over the application.

As standard and faster development of application with cheap range budget, Zend Framework provides the solution for your business needs. It is having separate library of Zend developed standard classes. With Zend Framework (ZF), you can have ability to create faster web application. It is you can say mostly SEO friendly URL and re-write based framework to create seo friendly directory, shopping carts, personal websites and many more business solutions.

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